Mosaic Collaborative Definitions

The Mosaic Collaborative co-founders are always looking for ways to shift the dialogue in relation to issues of equity and inclusion. The precision of words matters! Check out some terminology coined by co-founder, Taunya Black, M.A.

Interpersonal Equity

Actively practicing cultural humility in every interaction with someone you perceive to have different identity markers - class, race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, gender expression, nationality -  and who has less systemic privilege to the extent that both parties are seen fully, able to define themselves and are equally empowered within the relationship. The consistent practice of interpersonal equity leads to shifts in power dynamics that contribute to institutional and systemic change.

Intersectional Integrative Care

At the heart of this term is the notion of moving beyond a mere understanding of what “intersectionality” (Defined by Kimberle’ Crenshaw) means on the surface of things; it means moving beyond the mere ability to point out or label identity markers. This is an active term with the following three components:

#1 - Cultural Humility (Coined by Dr.Melanie Tervalon & Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia)

#2 - The ability for health care, mental health professionals, and educators to integrate not only an awareness of someone’s various identity markers, but also what is behind those identity markers - culture, community, historical context, current social climate, social positionality.

#3 - Take into consideration what another person’s conceptualization of healing and education means based on holding a framework of cultural humility along with an ability to actively practice tenet #2.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming blogs that delve more into these terms and concrete tools for applying them.

DeAngela Cooks