Mental Health at the Intersections Conference

About the conference

We conducted this conference with our client The Pacific Center. This conference is geared towards therapists, trainees, students and clinical supervisors who are invested in bridging the gaps in traditional therapy so that clients and trainees who identify as people of color, trans, and/or queer are able to be better served within the therapeutic context.

The Problem

We recognize that mental health challenges facing QTPOC’s (Queer, Trans, People of Color) aren’t being addressed in most graduate school and continuing education curriculum. Our clients at the Pacific Center needed additional training in order to offer mental health treatment that is culturally responsive in relation to the intersections of race, orientation and gender expression.


Our Approach

We offered a day-long conference of immersive, interactive sessions. Each session addressed a different population within the panorama of POC and LGBTQ+ communities; each presenter spoke to specific mental health issues, largely based in societal trauma, facing these populations. Co-founder, Taunya Black, M.A. curated the conference and spoke on the panel & Co-founder DeAngela Cooks, M.A. provided the opening keynote speech. 


 This was an optional day-long conference and 95% of participants stayed throughout the entire day. Feedback on evaluations showed that it was highly impactful. QTPOC in attendance shared that they felt validated and clinicians from all walks of life gained new therapeutic tools. 

Danielle Beecham